The Future of Multilateralism

The Future of Multilateralism

The Future of Multilateralism

DATE: 18th of June 2020

TIME: 3:00 PM – 4:15 PM (CEST)

Panel Debate

The Future of Multilateralism and the Post-Pandemic World Order

This coronavirus pandemic, paired with the economic recession and social insecurity that goes with it, has created room for a global power shift by exposing the fragile state of the West and the strained nature of the transatlantic alliance. The EU’s initial inability to respond to the unprecedented crisis also underscores the bloc’s major limitations, while China has bounced back confidently after succumbing to the crisis first. Meanwhile, the US continues to withdraw from its former position of global leadership and is mired by its own massive internal upheavals, and Russia continues to build its capacity for cyberwarfare. As nations and multilateral organisations respond to COVID-19, we must anticipate this new reality and ask tough questions concerning new world orders, emerging forms of multilateralism, and opportunities for renewed dialogue between progressives globally.


a sustainable recovery & just transition agenda

Renewing the parameters of innovative, carbon-neutral, digital and globalised economies that foster welfare, social equity and social mobility


the struggle
for liberal democracy

Rebalancing the responsibilities between the state and society with the aim of empowering civil society, promoting social cohesion and innovating the democratic system


strategies & capacities for progressives to govern

Imagining a narrative for an inclusive vision of the future, winning the public argument and developing strategies for progressives to govern


a progressive case for Europe & new multilateralism

Keeping Europe and its friends close together, whilst shaping values and institutions in times of geopolitical shifts

The Speakers

President of the European Foundation of Progressive Studies (FEPS)
President of the Center for American Progress
Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office
Member of the European Parliament
US Editor of the New Statesman
Senior Fellow with the Center on the United States and Europe at the Brookings Institution
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