Breakout: Reimagining the Social Contract

Breakout: Reimagining the Social Contract
11 June, 2020

Breakout: Reimagining the Social Contract

DATE: 16th of June 2020

TIME: 3:45pm – 5:00pm (CEST)

Reimagining the social contract: A blueprint for good work

The COVID-19 crisis has shone an unforgiving light upon systemic vulnerabilities that already lurked within our economy and society. Atypical employment arrangements proliferate, and new technologies spread, adding a new layer of insecurity onto a labour market already reeling from low wages, stagnant productivity and rising in-work poverty. The pandemic has exposed and is likely to accelerate these dynamics across industries, compounding existing insecurities in the months and years to come. Countering these trends requires nothing less than a rebooted ‘Social Contract for Good Work’ – a new set of rights and responsibilities to underpin good employment practice. In this session, we will examine the component parts of such a contract with a series of lightning talks and discussions. From UBI to unions, portable benefits to lifelong learning, join us as we highlight and discuss the innovations, technologies and policies that could deliver good work fit for the future.


a sustainable recovery & just transition agenda

Renewing the parameters of innovative, carbon-neutral, digital and globalised economies that foster welfare, social equity and social mobility

The Speakers

Senior Expert at Demos Helsinki
Senior Researcher in the RSA’s Future Work Centre
Consultant at Demos Helsinki
Expert on the Future of Work & former State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Head of the Future Work Centre at the RSA
Special Advisor to the Finnish Minister of Employment
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