Breakout: Europe’s Green New Deal

Breakout: Europe’s Green New Deal
11 June, 2020

Breakout: Europe’s Green New Deal

DATE: 16th of June 2020

TIME: 3:45 – 5:00

Europe’s Green New Deal: building a just and green consensus to tackle the climate crisis

For the global community, transitioning to a sustainable energy system is a fundamental goal. Recently, young activists around the globe have taken to the streets to demand immediate action to tackle climate change and champion a carbon-neutral world. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the dynamics of this call for action by necessitating large-scale responses that address the virus’ consequences. 

Against this backdrop, this session will explore how to form a socially-oriented, green coalition and how progressives and their allies can work together to create a policy agenda that implements radical, yet sustainable countermeasures to the interlinked threats to our environment. This will require challenging existing norms, and social and economic institutions. But it will also require the development of a distinct electoral platform and strategy on how progressives can win over voters at national and international level.


a sustainable recovery & just transition agenda

Renewing the parameters of innovative, carbon-neutral, digital and globalised economies that foster welfare, social equity and social mobility


a progressive case for Europe & new multilateralism

Keeping Europe and its friends close together, whilst shaping values and institutions in times of geopolitical shifts

The Speakers

Member of the European Parliament
Member of the Portuguese Parliament
Member of the German Parliament

Also confirmed

  • Chair: Tuuli Kaskinen
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