Breakout: Transatlantic Relations

Breakout: Transatlantic Relations
11 June, 2020

Breakout: Transatlantic Relations

DATE: 17th of June 2020

TIME: 3:15 PM – 4:30 PM (CEST)

Breakout Session

Transatlantic Relations and the Future of European Foreign Policy

The outbreak of COVID-19 has again exposed the vulnerability of transatlantic relations. While awaiting decisive moments for the US in November, it’s important to strengthen progressive relationships to relaunch the EU-US relations. Join our distinguished speakers for this debate!


a progressive case for Europe & new multilateralism

Keeping Europe and its friends close together, whilst shaping values and institutions in times of geopolitical shifts

The Speakers

Member of the German Parliament
Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress
Senior Transatlantic Fellow and Deputy Director of the GMF Berlin office
Member of the Italian Parliament
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